How to Avoid Salt Corrosion on Your Vehicle This Winter

Here at Audi Southampton, we want to make sure you know how to protect your investment this winter by avoiding salt corrosion. Although salting the road has many benefits in icy weather, it can be hard on your vehicle. Drivers here in Southampton, NY can take steps to avoid damage.

What can road salt do to your vehicle? On top of promoting rust, it can damage the clear coat on top of the paint. In severe cases, it can even impact the mechanics, leaving you with costly repair bills. One of the biggest things you can do is avoid driving through deep snow whenever possible so that it does not become packed into the undercarriage.

You can also commit to washing your car whenever the temperature goes above 40-degrees. Do it in the afternoon and make sure it has time to dry before nightfall. In the market for a new vehicle worth protecting? Visit our dealership for a test drive today!

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