How Does the Traction Control System Work on the Audi RS 3?

With increased power potential comes an increase in acceleration. Excessive acceleration causes slippage or loss of traction. When tires spin out of control their grasp on the road diminishes and the dangers of having an accident in Southampton, NY or anywhere else increases. To combat this issue in high-performance vehicles like the Audi RS 3, a Traction Control System is installed.

A Traction Control System works to limit wheel spin when slippage is noted by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU then instructs the Traction Control System to apply brakes through the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), reduce the amount of torque distributed to a spinning wheel through the differential, or reduce the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.

Come to Audi Southampton for a full diagnostic of your Traction Control System. A healthy Traction Control System ensures the safety of yourself and those around you.

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