GAP Insurance Benefits Vehicle Owners

You may have heard of GAP insurance. You might not know exactly what it is. GAP insurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection, is an amazing add-on when purchasing your vehicle. It can allow you to reap huge benefits should something ever happen to your vehicle.

GAP works well because many car loans are more than the actual value of the vehicle. The added interest means you owe more than your actual car is worth. What happens when your car is wrecked while you still owe more than the vehicle is worth?

GAP insurance provides a cushion. It helps pay for the difference between those two. It's relatively inexpensive. Many insurance plans will only pay what the car is worth. That could leave you in a bad spot if you don't have GAP. You could owe thousands of dollars. GAP assumes those costs.

You can visit our service team today for more on GAP insurance. We'll provide information and resources on how it benefits you.

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