Audi’s RS 3 Performance Features

When you drive an Audi, you have a certain level of expectation in terms of performance. The new RS 3 does not disappoint. This ride is not only fast and sleek, it also has some features you never imagined were available in this fun ride.

The brand-new RS 3 has a new stopping feature. This car works with two braking systems, and that means the car is more easily distributed when stopping. The limit of fade and weight makes it easier and more efficient, which means you can stop faster and without as much stress to your body or the vehicle. Combined with the carbon-ceramic front brake dynamic, you won’t find a better braking system.

If you’re interested in testing the brakes in the new Audi, come down to the Southampton, NY showroom at Audi Southampton to try it out. A test drive is all you need to make you want this car.

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