Please Do Not Endanger Your Beloved Family

It is a rainy day, and you are driving your family, the family you so much love.

Do you have your tires checked to avoid a collision due to a long braking distance or slipping off the road?

Tires have tire threads that help in tire grip as you drive your car. There are two easy ways to check your tire threads. One is the penny test; if you insert the penny head into the thread and Lincoln's head is visible, then your tire tread is less than 2/32 inch deep. The second one is the Quarter test, in this test you insert the quarter into the tire thread and if Washington's head is visible, then your tire tread is 4/32 inch deep.

In the event that your tires are too dangerous to drive on, you should consider visiting our service center Audi Southampton in Southampton, NY. Our experts to have your tire threads checked and for replacements. This will ensure the safety of your family to your destination.

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