Legendary Traction At All Times, On All Roads—That’s the Audi Quattro Way

While many associate all-wheel drive as a means of keeping control in bad weather, systems like Audi quattro go further. Unlike newer predictive systems, quattro has been around for thirty-five years, and aids in performance as well as road grip—all based on a simple philosophy: sending torque to the wheels with the most grip, before traction loss is felt.

The system works so well that most drivers can’t sense it. That’s part of the practicality of quattro. But its innovation goes beyond its philosophy. It’s also different mechanically from other rival systems. Where others use a transfer case, Audi employs a self-locking center differential that can sense engine torque, and route power between two output shafts leading to the front or rear axles. Working continuously, torque is constantly shuffled around to the wheels with the most grip, keeping you in command of the road.

For rain and snow, or to enjoy the winding roads of our corner of the Hamptons, it’s best to do it with the command and control of quattro. Contact our Audi dealership in Water Mill, NY to test drive a vehicle with this all-wheel drive system.

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