Taking care of a car requires performing all maintenance on schedule. Getting the oil changed long before it’s overdue helps the cause. So does putting the right motor oil into the engine. And using appropriate motor oil goes beyond picking from synthetic or conventional. you want the right viscosity level, as well.

Viscosity refers to the way motor oil flows. Some oil flows easier than others. The engine benefits from oil that runs in harmony with the temperature. Of course, for this to happen, the right viscosity level must match the current hot or cold weather.

Low-viscosity oil is good for the cold weather. Hot temperatures require high-viscosity oil. The former runs thin, and a latter runs thick. An alphanumeric number on the plastic bottle of motor oil tells you what the viscosity ratings are.

You can get your oil changed in Southampton, NY at our location. Audi Southampton offers different maintenance plans covering all kinds of care.

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