Choose the Way You Drive with the Audi S3 Sedan

When people think about choosing how they drive, the common belief is that they are going to have to choose the type of car that they are going to use. However, the Audi S3 Sedan gives you plenty of options when you are about to take it for a drive.

The Audi S3 has four modes of driving that you can choose from. These four modes are Auto, Dynamic, Comfort and Individual. This allows you to decide whether you want an easy going and comfortable ride or a wildly aggressive and powerful ride. This goes well with the four-wheel drive feature that the Audi S3 has which makes things easy for the vehicle.

If you are interested in the ability to choose the type of driving mode you want, then visit us at Audi Southampton and we will give you one to test drive and try out some of the driving modes.

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